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31 August 2008 @ 07:17 pm
I started the cleanse on Friday. I have to say, I felt like cr@p. But I felt that way before I started the cleanse, so I knew it would probably be a little rough. I then made the mistake of going to see The Dark Knight, and walked out with a near migraine (Good movie, just a little too much action and sound when you're already not feeling so hot). The next morning, went for a colonic, and felt much better afterward. However, I've decided to modify the MVDetox and combine it with another cleanse I've read about. I'm allowing myself green smoothies and vegan soups for the duration of the cleanse. It feels like the right thing for me, and the green smoothies taste good, pack a lot of nutrients. I'm using Pure Synergy in my green drink. http://www.synergy-co.com/pages/pure-synergy.html Its really interesting.... I can really feel the energy tingling in my cells after I drink it.... sounds "foo foo", I know, but its true.

So, here is the recipe for a yummy green drink, should anyone want to use it after coming off the cleanse:

1 banana
2 oranges
1 Tablespoon Pure Synergy
2 cups spinach
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1 oz aloe juice
enough water to blend

Since I'm modifying the cleanse, I think I will continue to post on my own journal page http://clearriver.livejournal.com/ so that people who are sticking to the MVDetox to the letter don't get annoyed. Hopefully, since I'm keeping up with the herbs and sticking to a mostly raw liquid diet (I don't think I'll puree all of my soups, unless I can find some better recipes), it will work just as well. Good luck all!
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25 August 2008 @ 09:33 am

Here we are  - the last week!   I'll be honest, I mentioned to my boyfriend (who is also doing the cleanse) that I was ready to stop.  14 days was enough, I feel wonderful and I am craving protein. He disagreed and I'm glad he did.   When I woke up this morning I was still blowing my nose.  Its amazing the amount of "stuff" in your body, not to mention the salt water fluch I did this morning, and yes for not eating solid food or food that is processed there is STILL an ungodly amount of "stuff" in my body!   Also, I realized that the 14 day mark, the one where I wanted to quit, was a Sunday and as I have mentioned before Sunday is my weak day!  

At any rate,  I'm glad I'm going to tough out the next 6 days!  My b/f and I are so talking about food and how excited we are to get some!!!   The breaking the detox week is going to be super hard, but at least there is chewing involved~

Still feel great, good engery and sleeping like a baby!    I have lost weight, I'm sure of it. however I am not weighing myself.  I do plan on weighing myself on Sunday, our last day just to see what I've done but regardless of the weightloss I feel amazing. 

I hope everyone else is plugging along!  Good luck! 

Here's to a good week!!

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23 August 2008 @ 09:50 am
I'm gearing up to start my cleanse on the 8/28.  I thought it would be helpful to have the long weekend to begin with, in case I'm not feeling so hot.  I think I'm pretty toxic right now;  I've been getting some pretty intense headaches over the past few weeks, and so I'm a bit fearful of how my body will react at first to the cleanse. 

I'm off to shop for supplies.....
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21 August 2008 @ 09:22 am

Nothing too new to report..  moving right along over here.   I really can not believe how quickly things have moved along..  Sometimes it feels like its been months but more than not, I'm quite surprised how quickly things have moved along! 

Hope everyone is doing well!!

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16 August 2008 @ 09:36 pm
Lesson learned, stick with what you like, don't venture too far.
I like my Garden Greens Essestial Greens in Very Berry flavor, it's not too bad, I mix two scoops up with 16oz of water and a full packet of NuStevia into my shaker cup and then I drink half when I'm supposed to and then the other half later when I'm supposed to drink another green drink. I realized that my canister would only last me 15 days however (30 scoops inside, 2 scoops a day...) so I bought another brand that I found at my health food store that Sara from the google group recommended. It's a berrydrink and a greendrink in one. New Chapter Berry Green it's called. I'm slowing trying to sip it now, it's down right ucky. Even with a full packet of nustevia. I can feel my stomach churning. Much like the way it did when I attempted to fresh veggie juice. Which I just can't do.
By the way, if anyone has a good veggie juice recipe, please, let me know, I feel like I'm really missing out by not juicing other then my parsley for the kidney cleanse drink...

Anyways, this is the first time I haven't enjoyed one of my supplement drinks. I'm really barf. I really just want my soup now, lol.

I did another mile today on the treadmill at the gym, I did it much more fast pace then I'm sure is recommended. Then I did some arm weights, just because. Then I attempted the sauna. I've been in one before, but never this one at my gym. It was an experience. And I don't think I've been in one for quite that long, I almost made it the full 15 minutes. I think I did about 13 minutes, lol. Then I took a cool shower. I have to say, the after effect was nice. I felt a little high. It was nice. I have to dry brush and take a detox bath tonight. I didn't have time to do an enema today. and I can't do one now, I don't know what time my husband will be home, but I'd rather not be mid-enema when he comes home. That's just not a pleasant thing. And he has no respect for my privacy either, that's mostly my fault, I never gave him boundries, so he won't stop at a closed door, lol.
I know now what people mean when they say that enemas can be addicting. I feel like I HAVE TO have one. But after this detox is over, I think I'll resort to maybe one a week, one every two weeks .... If you do too many too often your colon can get used to it and become lazy and not work like it's supposed to ... and the colonics. I'll get one of those everytime I do a mini detox. Which I plan on doing every season. I won't be able to complete another 21 day cleanse for another year anyways, with school and all.
I'm starting to see some changes in the mirror. My roommate hasn't seen me in about 4 days, she said she thought my face looked thinner maybe. maybe, lol. My mom said yesterday that I looked good too. I think I'm too close to the project, hehe!

Well tomorrow I have a kidney cleanse and the challenge of dinner at my parents house. I'd better make myself a really great soup before then.
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15 August 2008 @ 03:39 pm
well i've made it this far! actually while i'm at work it seems to being easier. tomorrow should be ok too, my husband will be gone until late helping a friend out with his racecar so I'll be free to eat my soup in peace and maybe clean some clutter off my desk here.
I got my Superphos30 in the mail today from amazon so with a little organic apple juice i'll be able to do the liver/gallbladder flush on the last 2 days of the cleanse.
I also got from amazon that book that another member posted about, Super Cleanse. It's really good, and there are some yummy soup recipes in there i'm gonna try this weekend.
I might get called off work tonight because of a lack of patients. I'm not sure, and it frightens me a little. typically i like to relax and pig out a little when i get the night off, and since i slept all day in preperation for a full night i might not be able to sleep early tonight, it depends. we'll see how the night goes, if I get called off, i might just pop a couple benedryl to knock me out. I've been good about not taking it too much during the detox. infact, i've only taken 3 total since i started. before the detox i was taking about 2 a day maybe 5 days a week... i realize now that i was dependant on them helping me sleep and that i can sleep on my own for the most part unless i'm intentionally trying to sleep more then i need to (like i do on wednesdays)
when school starts up again it might be a different story

i need to go do a water enema (i'm doing an enema pretty much everyday this week to purge that toxic pizza i consumed on sunday night)
I don't feel like i've lost much weight. I haven't wieghed myself since monday, i'm avoiding doing it now more then once a week. especially cause i don't feel much lighter. i guess i do, but at the same time, all i see is my belly and how much wider i look then i used to only six months ago. if anything, this cleanse will be a good jump start back to healthyness. I can still feel all those old cravings though, and that worries me. I feel like i'm not doing this cleanse right or that it's not as effective on me. i'm not experiencing any health crisis' (except maybe a small acne breakout on my upper back, which could be from something else entirely) and I'm never hungry, nor do I find this all that hard ... it's WIERD. I must be doing something wrong ... I can't think of what really though. I've been walking each day now, I do the baths, the dry brushing, the enemas, the colonics, the flushes and still I feel pretty darn normal. I have energy for the most part and I'm it a good mood at almost all times, unless I feel left out of a social situation involving food, but mostly I'm doing good. I guess I'm doing it right, we'll see ...
my skin is incrediably soft, that's nice. I pee a lot. Maybe I'm not drinking enough water. I drink about 1-2 liters a day. I read in that super cleanse book that I should be drinking 5 liters a day! I can't afford that! not in distilled!
14 August 2008 @ 10:16 am
DAY 4 today.  So far so good!  Few hunger pangs in the later morning, but nothing to bad..  This was the last day of the last "cleanse" I did..  So I'm interested in seeing how I feel this time..  I was ok on my last cleanse but toward the afternoon  - I was STARVING, hence the end of my first cleanse!!   I felt great but all in all the clenase was supposed to last 10 days and I did only get through 4 1/2.    I basically decided to stop because I really felt better (and I was hungry).. needless to say I drifted off the path and thus the reason for this cleanse~

Made the Asian Green Bean recipe that is in the back of the book for dinner last night.  It wasn't too bad!  I doubled the garlic - I'm obsessed with garlic and my boyfriend likes to also - and it tasted pretty good.  Looked like pea soup - but tasted pretty good!  Filled us both up...

I also did the coffee enema this morning rather than last night.  It wasn't too bad and I do feel super clean.  I DID feel the effects of the caffeine, though.  I was pretty addicted to Diet Mt. Dew (one maybe two a day) before starting this,  a cup of coffee every once and a while.  So I was not anticipating the effects.  My heart was beating very fast and my hands were even shaking a little...  All of which I can handle, and it was actually a little nice feeling the effects of a vice I've left behind 5 days ago!

I am not checking my weight on this cleanse, trying to focus more on how I feel, which is pretty good.  I feel lighter and I sleep SO much better.  I can tell my clothes are fitting a little different, a little looser, so that's always nice!  I'm anxious for the weekend, between my work load at work and having to make some sort of drink every hour while at the office, I feel like time is slipping by, I'm worried the weekend might be harder.. 
We'll see!

Hope everyone else is good!

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11 August 2008 @ 09:38 am

Good Morning!  First congrats DaisyRae on doing so well - I hope the trip went/will go ok.   You've done so well that I'm sure you can do it!  Best wishes to your grandmother also!

I started this morning, I was supposed to start Sunday, but something came up on Sat. and we were not able to get to the store to buy the veggies for the soup..  So TODAY IS DAY 1!!!

I'm going to post here about what I am doing in lue of the colonic - First I would love to get one - but it does not fit into my budget at all!    I do plan on participating in the enemas, etc.  But the colonic is just not an option for me..  I have done the Master Cleanse (last year) and like this cleanse, elimation is one of the biggest parts of the cleanse.  All those dirty toxics have to get out of your body!  On the master cleanse, a salt water flush is used to help that process along.  Basically you take uniodized sea salt ( 2 teaspoons) and mix with a quart of water and drink - then you stay close to home because the word flush is correct.  Its not easy but its cheaper and I think between the flush and enemas you are achieving the same results as incorporating the colonic, to some degree.    Not to mention, my boyfriend is much more prone to doing the flush rather than the idea of a colonic.  

So my morning started with a flush at 5:30 am.  Started my juices at 8am and like daiseyrae says you are "feeding" you body all the time..   I  am at work (I brought a cooler with all my shakes) and then tonight I am excited to make the soup.. 

Any receipes on soup would be WONDERFUL!  Time to have my green drink!  Take care everyone!  

Best wishes to you all!

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09 August 2008 @ 09:41 pm
Colonics - How did you find someone in your community to do this?  I'm very nervous about this part of the detox.  I haven't started the detox yet.
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07 August 2008 @ 05:28 pm
Doing good, doing good! Little shakey, I'm behind on my drinks! But that's ok!
I did a coffee enema today, whoa was that an experience! after all the setup and confusion of the bag and stuff, it turned out to be ok, and I got a lot of, ahem, crap .. out of my system, it went well overall!

I have to go get ready for work, sorry I can't post much more!